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Spring Ball (January through April)

Spring Recreational Season

  • The Spring Recreational season runs from mid-January to the end of April. Games are played on Wednesdays and Saturdays (8U starts Wednesday games mid-season). 6U games are only on Saturdays. Practices are typically 2 days per week.
  • LNGS additionally offers various clinics (registered players only) throughout the season for players to further develop their skills.
  • If you are interested in being a head/assistant coach, please complete the coaching interest form.


Early Bird Registration September-December 2
Registration December 3-January 6
Evaluation Day canceled
Back to Softball Night (spring teams announced!) & uniform try-on January 13
Team Practices Begin January 16
Games Start February 4
Big Sis/Lil Sis Game #1 February 11
Movie on the Mound Night February 24 (canceled)
Coaches Game March 3 6:00PM
Mid-Season Tournament March 6-11
Photo Day March 18
Home Run Derby/Big Sis/Lil Sis Game #2 March 25
Last Day to Play Travel Ball March 31
Last Day of Select April 2
No Practices/Games April 3-8
Angels Day April 23
End of Season Tournament April 25-29
All Stars Selection May 1
All Stars Practices Begin May 7
All Stars Tournaments Begin May 12

Spring 2023 Age Divisions & Registration Fees

Division Birth Year Early Bird Registration Pricing Through 12/2/22 Registration Pricing 12/3/22 Through 1/6/23
6U 2016 and 2017 $75 $99
8U 2014 and 2015 $175 $199
10U 2012 and 2013 $175 $199
12U 2010 and 2011 $175 $199
14U 2008 and 2009 $175 $199

Player Registration Includes:

  • Team jersey, pants & socks (sizing chart below)
  • USA Softball insurance & registration
  • Team equipment & skills clinics
  • Field, light & umpire Fees

Snack Bar Buyouts

Refundable cost (if you work at least 4 hours): $200

Snack bar revenue is one of the ways that LNGS is able to keep registration costs down. We greatly appreciate our softball families volunteering their time to help run the snack bar. LNGS asks each family to either work 4 hours in the snack bar, or buy out of their commitment.

Family Discount

If you are registering more than one player in your family, you will receive a $25 discount on the 2nd (3rd + all additional children) registration fee.  In order for the registration system to recognize that you are registering multiple players, please register all of your players at this time. 

Refund Policy

Before evaluations, refunds will be granted with a $25 processing fee.

On the day of evaluations and thereafter, no refunds will be granted.

Spring Select (8U and older)

Please read the Select Page for information related to Spring Select play. Registration for Select will be available after coaches have chosen their teams.

Fielding Face Mask Policy

For more information on fielding face masks, see our web page here.

Our fielding face mask policy is as follows:

  • ALL 6U, 8U & 10U players are required to wear fielding face masks at all positions during practice and games.
  • 12U infield players are required to wear fielding face masks during practice and games.
  • 14U pitchers are required to wear fielding face masks during practice and games.
  • 14U infield positions are highly recommended to wear fielding face masks.


Divisions for 8U-14U will attend required evaluations prior to the beginning of the season.  Please make sure your player knows that the evaluations are nothing to be nervous about.  They simply allow the league to make sure that each team is "drafted" and the teams are created with fairly equal abilities.

Pitching and Catching Evaluations

With the exception of players who have never pitched before, all players who would like to pitch/catch during the spring season must attend pitching evaluations.  This process enables the coaches to make educated decisions regarding their pitching staff during the draft process.  Pitching evaluations are for players 8U and older.  Catching evaluations are for players 10U and older.

Please fill out this Pitcher/Catcher interest form when you register.

Play Up Requests - 8U and older

A player can request to play up to the next division, but it is not guaranteed.  In order to play up, the player must:

  1. sign up in the age-appropriate division,
  2. attend both the age-appropriate and the play-up evaluations, and
  3. be chosen in the draft in the top 3 draft rounds.

If a player is not chosen in the top 3 draft rounds in the play-up division, she will be placed in her age-appropriate division.

A player can play up on select team if she plays up in rec, and is chosen by the select coach.

In order to play all stars in the play-up division, a player needs to  make the gold team. Otherwise, the player has the opportunity to play all stars in her age-appropriate division.

6U Play Up Requests

A player of 6U age is eligible to play up to 8U in the Spring recreational season in the following scenarios:

  1. the player has either played a season in 8U rec at LNGS previously,
  2. the player has played 2 seasons of 6U softball, or
  3. the player is selected by an 8U coach within the first 5 rounds of the 8U team formation, regardless of previous experience. 

Please note:

  • Although the player will register under the age-appropriate division, please indicate in their registration that they would like to play up to 8U.
  • For scenario 1 or 2 above, the player can be selected by an 8U coach in the 8U team formation in any round.
  • 8U coaches are not obligated to select a 6U player requesting to play up to 8U.
  • If a player requesting to play up to 8U is not selected, she will be added to a 6U team.
  • 8U new to the league requests involving a 6U player does not guarantee that the 6U player will be added to the 8U team.

Friend Requests

LNGS and all local softball leagues operate under a draft system for the Spring season.  For this reason, it is not possible to accommodate friend requests with the exception of the two circumstances outlined below.   However, you will find that one of the best parts of recreational softball is all the new lifelong friends your player will find on the team she ends up on.

Friend requests are only allowed for the following two circumstances. 

  • 6U player
  • New 8U player who has never played with LNGS before.

Only ONE friend request is allowed and please note that if multiple girls request the same friend it will not be possible to honor all the requests.  We will do the best we can but can not guarantee placement with the requested friend.

For an 8U friend request to be considered, the new player MUST attend player evaluations.

Please email the league at and put "Friend Request" in the subject line of the email only if you fall into one of the above two categories.

Adult Background Checks

All adults who interact with the players on the field/dugout in practices/games must fill out the annual USA Softball Background check form.