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Spring Evaluations

8U, 10U, and 12U Evaluations - January 9, 2019

Evaluations held at Niguel Hills Middle School (LNGS Home Fields)

Please e-mail with any questions.

Non-Pitcher/Catcher: Evaluation starts at 6:00pm
Pitcher/Catchers: Evaluation starts at 6:45pm
- Please see link above to fill out a pitcher/catcher form for use during evaluations.  Pitchers and catchers do NOT need to attend the 6pm evaluation - their entire evaluation will start at 6:45(ish).  Players who would like to pitch during the Spring season must attend pitching evaluations.  Exception - If your player has never pitched before, but plans to learn during the season, they do not need to be evaluated prior to the season but please review and fill out the form at the link above even if you will not be evaluating this year.  Thank you!

General Information

Please plan to show up 30-45 minutes prior to your assigned evaluation time to sign in and warm up.
♦ There will be no formal warm up so the girls should plan to warm up with a parent or friend.
♦ Sign-ins will start at 5:15pm.
♦ Please wear softball attire and bring all of your equipment (cleats, helmet, bat, face mask, glove). Catchers please bring your equipment if you have it. If you don't have your own equipment you may borrow league equipment.
♦ If a player is able to slide, she may be asked to slide so please wear sliding pants.  No one is required to know how to slide and if you can not slide then don't worry about it!
♦ ALL players MUST have a face mask see equipment page for more information.  Note new to 12U  - players are required to wear face masks in the infield beginning in Spring 2019.
♦ Players wishing to "play up" must be evaluated in their age-appropriate group as well as their "play up" group. 6U play up requests just show up for 8U evaluations.

ParentaL Information

Please dress warm and be prepared to stay for a while.  It is difficult to predict the exact amount of time that this process will take, and each year is different.  Although times are listed, they are an estimation and should not be treated as exact.  In previous years parents have been at the fields for 30 minutes or 3 hours.  We do our very best to move through this process as quickly as possible, but your patience is greatly appreciated.
♦ The snack bar will be open with snacks, coffee, pizza, etc.
♦ Players will be generally evaluated in the order they signed in, but sometimes this too gets complicated by extenuating factors.  It does not always make a significant difference to sign in first.
♦ Pitchers and catchers are in the second group to evaluate (approximately 6:45) and you should be prepared for a longer evening.
♦ If you plan to go on the field or in the dugout during practice or games at any time during Spring, Fall, or All Star seasons, please fill out the online background registration information and print and bring the associated form to the fields to turn in at the registration desk: (scroll down to "Adult Volunteers")
♦ Please take a moment to review your accounts and the registration that was filled out for spring, including uniform sizes.  If you find any problems please address it at the registration table.  Your registrations and the waivers that were signed during registration can be reviewed by logging into Sports Engine and going here:
♦ During evaluations, bring your gently used, outgrown softball gear to the fields and "Pass it On" to another player to love!  We will have a table set out for gear exchange and YOU DO NOT NEED TO BRING ANYTHING TO TAKE SOMETHING - IF IT FITS AND YOU NEED IT, TAKE IT!

Information to discuss with your Player before Evaluations

Evaluations are NOT "try outs" - all players are placed on teams.  Evaluations allow the coaches to attempt to form evenly-matched teams.

Both new and experienced players (and parents) are often nervous about evaluations. They will find that it is a really simple process where they throw/catch/hit a few balls so the coaches can make sure that each team has an even distribution of new and experienced players. It absolutely doesn't matter how they do or if they even know how to throw/catch/hit! All new players will learn the skills they need during the season, so please encourage your player to have fun and introduce themselves to all their potential new teammates!