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Laguna Niguel Girls Softball

The mission of LNGS is to provide a positive environment to develop individual and team softball skills, knowledge, and appreciation. We strive to promote good sportsmanship, mutual respect, cooperation, and fair play in a positive and esteem building environment.

Game Updates

Please keep checking your Sports Engine App, as the league is working with your coaches to schedule makeup games whenever we possibly can.

Please be sure to utilize your Sports Engine App schedule and click "yes", "maybe", or "no" next to each game to show your availability so your coach always has access to this information for scheduling purposes.   Thank you!

Rain Instructions

Fields are closed until further notice.  Please view our "Weather " page, located under the "General Info" tab for mud line info.

February 14, 2019

Parking Instructions

  • The LNGS "No Parking" area will extend to the volleyball court outline as shown on the image to the right (parking along the track okay to the yellow hashed lines - that does not impact traffic).
  • Always allow enough room for two car widths in a driving lane - particularly the lane going into the alley.   
  • Never drive or park on any grass or dirt areas.
  • Never park next to the portables unless you are the field coordinator or the League President (that's Geoff and Brad!).  Also note that the snack bar coordinator will sometimes drive up into the field area to deliver groceries.
  • Always use common sense.  If it is questionable - then don't park there!  We have lots of parking!
  • NO DOGS ALLOWED ON THE LNGS FIELDS.  This is school property and no dogs are ever permitted, but we are responsible for folks who bring dogs to the fields.  Please do not bring dogs.

Please share these instructions with your visiting family members.
Thank you so much for your help! LNGS

Concussion Training

We need two or more parents from each team to complete and submit concussion training certifications.  It is free and easy and informative.  Please see links below.